30 Down

Just checking in since nothing too exciting happened today.  Unless you want to count the fact that I’m all caught up on homework now and got that under control. <—Took me all morning too! <phew>

I cranked some pushups out today.  I did 2 x 10 and then 2 x 5.  The last 10 were hard!  <—That’s so bad to say Annoyed  Oh well, I’m fixing it right?  After each set of 10 I did 15 sit-ups.

Todays totals = 30 pushups and 45 sit ups

Pushups left = 170

Time left = 5 days & 5 hours

I’ve got a running challenge starting on Friday!  I’m pretty excited about it because it’s really going to push me. In the meantime, the plan is to get a swim in tomorrow afternoon.  If you have any ideas for a weekly challenge feel free to leave it in the comment box.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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