The First Challenge

Thank you to everyone who visited my site yesterday.  I’ve never seen so much traffic.  I actually busted a long standing record of 56 views in one day.  That record had been up since January 23rd and I beat it with 75!  So, thanks again to all of you who stopped by.  I hope you’ll stay and we can all be friends. Flirt male Doesn’t that sound nice?

Haha, anyway, I also wanted to thank you ladies who told me to go outside and run yesterday.  I was going to listen to you except that when I went back outside, it had already started raining really hard and the wind was picking up big time. Storm cloud So instead I’m a big chicken loser and made the decision to stay inside.  I got some more homework done and watched a really good movie though.  Have any of you seen Run Fat Boy Run?  It’s a pretty great movie and so so funny.  Some of the memorable lines for me:

“He wants to run a marathon . . .”

“Really? . . . . Why???”

(In reference to popping a massive blister)

“That was the second most disgusting fluid I’ve ever had squirted into my eye!!!”

“I just don’t understand . . .”

“Dennis!  You left her at the altar pregnant!”

“But that was ages ago!!!”

“Yeah . . . well women hold on to that sort of thing.”

I really enjoyed the movie Smile 

Anywho, I’ve decided I am going to start issuing myself a series of challenges.  I don’t have them all figured out yet but they are going to be weekly.  I’m starting with things that I know will help with current goals but I’m going to move on to things that are pushing my comfort zone later.  <—Once I have those figured out.  Feel free to leave any ideas in the comments.  The challenges are a result of this post.  I’ve done much better for the month of June than I have in the last several months.  I posted more than April and May combined and I definitely did more workouts than those combined as well.  However, there is plenty of room for improvement.  So starting with July which happens to be my birthday month, I am going to be taking improvement a week at a time. Since July 1st is on Friday I decided to start the month of challenges today.

First up is the Push Up Challenge.  I have one week to complete 200 push ups.  This may or may not be really easy.  I have no idea.  All I know right now is that 10 pushups in a row is hard and leaves me red in the face and my arms shaking.  That. is NOT. GOOD.  Especially when keeping my job depends on how many pushups and sit ups I can do in one minute.  Each pushup will be a military style pushup. Arms will be bent to 90 degrees and body will be parallel to the floor.  Any pushups done on the knees will not be counted.  I will keep a running tally throughout the week. 

Wish me luck!  Thumbs up


4 thoughts on “The First Challenge

  1. As Sylvia’s roommate, I will attest to this atrocious weather that we have been experiencing!! Typhoon season in Korea is NO JOKE! Keep up your awesomeness lady… you have WAY more ambition than I do =)

  2. Push up challenges! Props to you lady! Maybe I will try to do more as well…I can run forever but get super winded from anything requiring any upper body strength.

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