Some Chocolate with that Whine

This week has def been a blah/gloomy one.  Apparently I’m not the only one though?  At first I thought it might be all of the gray and rain outside.  Ok maybe that’s part of it.  Then I thought, maybe it’s just almost that time of the month?  Probably.  I think one word really just sums it all up though.  Overwhelmed.  I am really feeling overwhelmed right now.  Can I vent for just a moment? I promise there’s a chocolate and wine filled hotel room at the end of this Smile  Here’s my list of things I take issue with right now (I’ll keep it short):

Issue 1:

  • X amount of months ago my hubby left for deployment
  • 8 weeks later I was told I had to leave the country for X amount of months
  • I left the country 6 weeks before my hubby got home
  • I’m due back home on date Y
  • Date Y marks 10+ months of separation from the hubby
  • We just found out that Date Y also quite possibly marks the day that my hubby has to leave for a 6 week training course
  • Devil  REALLY????

Issue 2:


Ok I brought this one on myself but it’s still part of the problem.  I work full time and yet I’m taking an accelerated Anatomy and Physiology class ONLINE with a Lab.  It’s hard enough trying to get in touch with Professors when you’re actually in the class but now I can’t even ask questions to their face.  I know, I know.  I signed up for the class.  <still not making me feel better>

Issue 3:

Speaking of the full time job.  I happen to personally supervise 4 airmen.  I love that job most of the time.  Especially when they deserve an award and I can write the package that gets it for them.  However, it is not fun when I have to write three yearly performance evaluations, two awards packages, and a 6 month feedback all in the span of two weeks.  Thanks for the heads up boss!  <—add all of that to Issue 2   Thumbs down

Issue 4:

Disappointed smile  I am sleep deprived.  It’s because of issues 1-3 but also because I work a mid shift schedule (11PM – 7 AM) and have to sleep in a room full of day light every. single. day.  We have the flimsy blinds that don’t block a ton of light.  I have dark blue sheets hanging on my window by my bed.  It’s still way bright in there and I can’t fall asleep until I’m too exhausted to care how bright it is.  Then because I know I have to take care of Issues 2 &3 I get up too early.  I’m not rested and then it’s hard to concentrate and the whole endless process leaves me tired, cranky and stressed.  Did I mention that I sleep on an air mattress on top of a cot???

Phew!  Ok I’m done venting now.  Thank you!  Hope you’re still there because I decided to do some things for myself.  First I got myself some chocolate!


Then I booked myself a three day weekend here:


Do you see that glorious set of blackout curtains???  Next I will be getting myself a bottle of wine and will be holing up here for the entire weekend.  No one will be seeing me unless they’re up early Saturday morning.  I will be doing my long run that day.  The entire weekend is going to be me trying to catch up on a mountain of work, homework and SLEEP.  In a real bed no less!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


4 thoughts on “Some Chocolate with that Whine

  1. good plan girl! I’m guess I’m not the only one feeling a little down in the dumps this week but I really hope you feel better. You have a lot on your plate!

    • Thanks lady! You’re right. Long distance relationships are hard and adding normal life to it and then trying to keep the relationship up just makes it harder. Hope you feel better soon too 🙂

    • Thanks Stephanie. It’s true A&P is really tough but just because it’s SO MUCH information. Prob should have taken the 16 week course to learn it all proper. I hope the timing works out too. I kinda miss him 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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