There In Spirit

This is late but I wanted to make sure I had permission to post some of my pictures Smile  Anywho, I called my Dad today to tell him Happy Father’s Day.  We had a nice conversation and he told me my mom was slaving away in the kitchen making lasagna and coffee flavored cheesecake.  Ooooo doesn’t that sound so delicious?  I totally wish I could be there because a lot of my family is going to be there and lasagna is my favorite!  So the phone made it around the house to my grandmother.  She said it was “so nice to talk to me” and that she almost felt like I was there.  Well her and I decided that my mom was going to put a picture of Aaron and I at the dinner table with everyone for the Father’s Day meal.  I meant it as a joke but look!

In Spirit

She totally did it!  She put us in my favorite spot at the table too Open-mouthed smile

In Spirit2

And just to prove they really did eat with us at the table.  Haha, we’re totally taking precious elbow room from Mary and Laurie.  There’s also not a single person in this picture that’s ready for a photo op.  Thanks for letting us be part of the Father’s Day meal Mom!

And thank you Dad for putting up with my shenanigans growing up, for supporting my Air Force decision, and for always being there no matter what.  (and I mean no matter what)  You’re the best Dad a kid could ask for.  Ok ok, he hates mush as much as I do so I’ll stop Open-mouthed smile

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Dad and I

My Dad and I


My awesome grandfather’s Papa and Abuelo

New Daddy

to my brother who became a new Daddy this March to Logan

and to all of the other wonderful father’s out there.  You are appreciated.


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