A Dummy Warrior Run

I woke up early for my run and got started right away with 1st breakfast (pre-run meal)


Yes I do take coffee with my cream.


The cinnamon vanilla almond butter is down to it’s last two tablespoons which means it’s time for another trial of oats in a jar.  I drank my coffee and let my food digest a bit while I got dressed.  Random note:  These two tanks make me happy when I pull them out Smile  My hubby got them for me at the running expo at my half-marathon last year.  They say “13.1” and “I Can’t Not.” I wore the gray one to the pool yesterday so I wore the purple one today.


Anyway, I’m just going to get it out there and say that I was a big dummy on this run.  I still met my minimum goal but I could have done better and I know it.  I did a 4 mile run in 40:26 and finished the last quarter of a mile at an 8:22 pace.  That was most definitely a solid finish but I KNOW I could have done so much better.  I started out fantastic with an average of 9:30 or below pace.  I felt great and strong.  At about the one mile point I saw a gent in orange in the distance and wanted to see if I could catch up to him.  I picked it up just a little and was rocking a 9:15.  I caught him after a little over half a mile.  I made the decision after passing him that I was going to do at least 4.5 miles.

Side note:  Nothing will make you feel more like a warrior on a long run then running past a bunch of armament, having planes fly over you and being surrounded by BIG ASS Guns.  (No pictures folks, sorry). Well that and when I passed the guy in orange the Black Eyed Peas, My Humps came on and for some reason I felt like a Bad Chick. Flirt female

Anywho, this is where I realized what a dummy I was when I left for my run.  I turned around at 2.25 miles and then the sun said hello.  It started getting really hot and I realized CRAP, I didn’t bring any water!  I mean honestly who plans on doing 4-5 miles and doesn’t bring water??? Oh yeah, I do.  Sheesh.  I got to a little over 3 miles and felt way overheated and stopped to walk for a moment.  I picked it back up and finished at 4.2 miles.  So, I kept it at 10 minute miles but I’m just irritated at leaving the water home.

The water belt is coming with me next week when I do a 5 mile run.  After my run I talked to the hubby on the phone while guzzling a giant bottle of water.  Then it was time for FOOD.  No run is complete without the massive breakfast finish am I right?  Open-mouthed smile  I roasted up some savory sweet potatoes (garlic, smoked paprika, Adobo) while I destinkified and then added them to a veggie scramble (corn, broccoli, peppers).  DSCN0683

Delicious! Don’t forget your water on your runs!


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