Swim Eat Study

Oops! I missed a day.  <sigh> I was doing so well too.  Ah well, homework is more important right?  Today was a great day despite the fact that I lived it on 3 1/2 hours of sleep.  My neighbor (unwittingly I’m sure) came and knocked on my door at 1030 AM after I’d gone to sleep at 7 AM.  He had a question for me but after he left I could not get back to sleep!  I tried so hard and it just didn’t work out so I got up and started my day.  Laundry, breakfast and then SWIM.  I can tell my swim strength is coming back because it was so much easier today.  I still don’t have my stamina back but today I was swimming 75s (3 pool lengths) almost easy and last week I was doing 50s (2 pool lengths).  The workout:

  • 125m warm up with hand paddles
  • 650 m rotation of:
    • 75m kick
    • 75m pull
    • 75m free
  • 100 m kick
  • 100 m free with paddles
  • 4 x 50 m free/back <— these were done as fast as I could with 25 sec rest in between
  • 50 m breaststroke cool down
  • Total = 1225m

I love swimming, I always feel so good afterwards and like I’ve worked every muscle.  I do hate the goggle bruises though.  I’ve yet to find a good pair that’s comfortable.  Anywho, after swimming I got all gussied up and met some of my co-workers for Thai food.


Tor, Zach, Chris (Blog regular)

I didn’t get the memo to wear a red shirt so I wore purple instead.  No pictures of me though.  I was much more interested in my food Open-mouthed smile


Thai Stir Fried Rice. It’s simple but it’s my favorite so I got it anyway.  Afterwards it was time for homework at my coffee shop.


I love this place.  It has an industrial look but a warm, cozy feel with lots of very worn wooden furniture.  Some of the chairs even had blankets on them.  Love it!  The guys joined me for coffee and deep discussion. Just kidding  Hubby, you’d be so proud; I discussed a little politics and didn’t get angry.  After they left it was time for the homework which I only managed to work on for 45 minutes.  Even after this delicious cup of coffee


my eyes were just too heavy to concentrate.  I’ll do better tomorrow once I’m rested. Look Kath! ^ Biscoff!  I know they say Lotus but they taste and look the same.  I’m sure it’s the same company. The cookies come complimentary with the coffee at this joint.

Well, I’m in my pjs and it’s definitely time to pass out now.  I have a longer run planned for tomorrow.  I’m trying for 4 miles but if I feel good I may up that to 5.  Good night everyone!


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