Well I made it but I had to be really flexible about how.  I pulled off 6 hours of sleep, got my homework done and my work out in.   My workout was not at all what I planned though.  Wednesday is Abs and Spin but with everything I had to get done yesterday that just wasn’t going to happen.  So I had to go with plan B and do a self-led night workout right before work.  That didn’t go as planned either though! So onto plan C I went Confused smile ay yi yi!  I got to the gym and did my treadmill warm up and then went to the free-weight room.  The room was overrun by dudes and I’m still not comfortable doing my weight training around people (the chicas intimidate me too).  I like it when the room is near empty.  So I went upstairs to the track and whipped up a quick circuit.  The track is approximately 177m around or 1/9 of a mile. Here’s the workout:

10 min treadmill warm up @ 5.5 mi/hr & 6% incline
5x each of the following  [177m @ 6 mph, 75m back pedals, 13m recovery, 75m sprint)
1.5 mile cool down
3 x 10 pushups
3 x 15 situps

Ick moment of the day:  I sat down on the mats to start my situps and a huge, I’m talking HUGE (4 inches maybe?) centipede strolls out from under my mat. Disappointed smile  I promptly got up and left.

After I got home from work I grabbed my homework and started being distracted.  I was having such a hard time being focused in my really tiny and uncomfortable cozy workspace that I just had to relocate.  So I went from here


to here


Complete with overpriced, designer cup of caffeine.

Two and a half hours later I’m finished and back home almost ready for bed.  Looks like today I’ll be rocking another 6ish hours of sleep, so I’m taking an airborne to keep away any colds that want to take advantage of my sleep deprived body.  Hope you all had a great hump day!

and I’m out!


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