Procrastinate Much?

Well homework and work-work have trumped working out for one day.  Which I think was okay because my legs were so SORE after Saturday. They seriously didn’t stop hurting until today!  Running timed miles and lunges/squats separately are doable but holy cows did it hurt doing them back to back.   Hopefully I’ll get a chance to leave work for an hour or two so I can work out tonight.  I guess technically I could be working out right now but I’m working on homework procrastinating.  I’m writing a paper on tanning, skin cancer and whether or not sunblock is effective AND safe.  I was just reading some research on sunblock and found myself reading and re-reading the same paragraph. I hate when that happens but it just means my mind wasn’t really on what I was reading.

How do you keep focused on what you’re doing?


2 thoughts on “Procrastinate Much?

    • I’ll have to try that because that’s exactly what I was trying to do; just “press on through” even though I was past the I can concentrate point.

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