Oh Running Guru

Do you have a running mentor? I do. His name is Erich (pronounced like Eric) and he’s one of my co-workers back home.  He doesn’t just run but he happens to be pretty good at it.  He’s mostly a cyclist and has helped two of my own airmen get into cycling themselves.  He’s pretty much their Cycling Guru Smile Anywho,  I called my mentor earlier this week to talk to him about running and work.  He informed me that he is going to run the same marathon I’m running.  Well his exact words were,

“It’s been about five years since my last one so I’ve forgotten how horrible they are. I’m due.”

He’s so encouraging right?  So what do two runners do when talking about a race?  Talk training of course! I told him about my 10ks last month and what I was doing right now for the marathon.  He informed me that I shouldn’t do so much running just yet and should focus on base fitness level.  Therefore my actual training plan should start in August for my December marathon.  So now, what’s the base fitness plan?

Monday – Abs class followed by spin class
Tuesday – Treadmill Intervals or speed work on track with strength routine
Wednesday – Abs class followed by spin class
Thursday – Hill Runs or strength routine with plyometrics
Friday – Swim
Saturday – Long Run (I’m capping these at 8 miles for the next two months)
Sunday – REST!

I’m hoping that I don’t get too burned out on this plan.  The first two weeks is always the hardest since every muscle is sore and I at least feel constantly fatigued.  After that though, I should be able to handle this well.  Fingers crossed

The base gym offers a yoga class (have no idea what kind) after spin on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Do you think I should do that instead of the Abs class?  What would you eat to get through two hours of working out?


One thought on “Oh Running Guru

  1. That’s really interesting advice. I’m considering a marathon myself and I actually like the strength training better! For a 2 hour workout I’d just be sure to have something light but nourishing and probably bring a snack just in case. I don’t like to feel full but I do notice a difference in my energy level when I’ve had a piece of fruit or PB toast before.

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