Definitely a Slump

If anyone’s taken a peek at my Training Log, they’ve probably noticed that I’ve been very inconsistent and haven’t been doing much working out at all.  I’d like to say that I’ve been getting plenty of activity in due to all of the walking/stair climbing I’m doing.  However, when a “workout” is used consistently and frequently the body gets really good at doing it and doesn’t have to work very hard at it anymore.  It’s not like I haven’t wanted to work out but the motivation has been gone and I’ve figured out why.  I’m homesick and I’ve really just needed a hug.  Left hugRight hug  <—(I wondered if I was going to get to use that emote)

Anywho, you heard me mention it here that my hubby and I have been separated for about 6 months.  I’ve also been away from home, my dog, and my kitchen for a little over 3 now.  It kind of takes the zest from life when you’re away from all of the things that you love.  The slump has been me just trying to plug away at each day and let the time go by faster. It hasn’t been working and I’ve been spending the majority of my time holed up in my room because I don’t want to be out and about.  However, I think that’s about to change.

Random fact about me and my hubby.  I grew up with birthdays being a big deal.  My parents ALWAYS made sure we got a birthday party no matter how small.  My mom and dad would team up and make these amazing birthday cakes for us too.  Uncle Sam  however, has made sure that Aaron hasn’t been present for a single one of my birthdays since we’ve been together.  Except that this year’s is my fault.  He was planning on flying over for my birthday in July but I asked him to come sooner for Memorial Day Weekend.  His visit has made all of the difference for quality of life here.  It’s not that anything has changed over here but it was just what I needed and life is a lot more bearable now.  So what am I adding to my schedule besides camping in my room in my pjs?

I’m going to be more consistent with working out (more on that tomorrow).  Besides, working out always puts me in a better mood once I’m done. I’m going to attempt to post much more often now.  I haven’t even been wanting to post as evidenced by the totals in my archives list over there <—.   I also started another class on Monday of this week.  I’m taking an 8 week course in Anatomy and Physiology. By the time I’m done with that course, I should be much closer to being home AND I’ll be starting my marathon plan!  It’s time to get life back in balance Rainbow


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