Retail Therapy Makes Me Happy

Though not very encouraged, sometimes I feel some retail therapy is in order.


Aaron left yesterday Crying face but before he did, he wanted to spoil me (in an extravagant effort to cheer me up) Open-mouthed smile

So I was able to get myself new shorts, sandals, three tops, a book and a hairstyle magazine.  I’m cutting my hair on Saturday (so excited!) It’s seriously been almost a year since I’ve gotten it cut.  I have trust issues with my hair so I only get it done when I go home every year.  My hair is so long and dead at the ends though that I just can’t take it anymore!  It’s going!  Ok, hair rant over <phew>.  Those sandals are the most comfortable sandals I‘ve ever worn in my life AND they’re my first pair of pretty ones.  I usually get a cheap pair of flip flops and I’m actually very terrible at picking out shoes for outfits.  That’s something I get jealous of when I see girls wearing very put together outfits.  Anywho, I also got myself the Abs Diet for women book.  I very much liked the original Abs Diet book and wanted to see how this one was tailored to the ladies.  So far it’s the same but I’ll let you know if it has any new info.  I’m hoping it wasn’t a way to sell two books with the effort of one.

After the therapy session, Aaron took us out to eat.  We went to an Italian restaurant called Pasta Vino.  It had an old, weathered look to it that I really liked. (Sorry about the bad lighting)


We ordered wine Smile



I had lasagna and he had chicken alfredo.  Mine was smothered in enormous amounts of cheese and after a few bites I decided I wasn’t really happy with it.  Aaron happily took over eating it and gave me his alfredo dish.  What a good hubby right? I was REALLY happy with the alfredo.  It had tons of fantastic garlicky flavor.


Afterwards we splurged and got some dessert.  Tiramisu for her and cheesecake for him.


All washed down with coffee.


We left with full bellies and heavy but happy hearts. I’m missing you a ton already hubby!


2 thoughts on “Retail Therapy Makes Me Happy

  1. Aw what a good hubby! Sounds like a fantastic date!

    Looking forward to hearing about the Abs Diet for women. I don’t know much about it! I hope they didnt repackage the same product though!

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