Hello all!  Long time, no read huh?  I know I’ve been away a lot lately and there are two big reasons for that.  The Running Advocate was not satisfying me AT ALL.  In my opinion, it was a good idea but I just can’t devote all of my time to fundraising type activities and then write about them.  Of course I’m still working on it but it doesn’t exactly lend itself to plenty of writing opportunities.  You see I feel I have more to offer through the blunders (and successes) of balancing the many aspects of my life.   One in particular I’d like to talk a bit about today.

You may have noticed that over the lifespan (6 months already?) of this blog that my husband has been missing.  I mean it looks like we never hang out together, he never helps with the picture taking and I live for my dog Mocha.  All true but it’s not his fault Smile  It’s no secret that I’m in the Air Force but I never mentioned before that my husband is in the Air Force too.  Being a civilian married to military is hard enough but what about those of us who are military married to military.  That presents its own very unique set of challenges that quite frankly are frequently forgotten about.  My husband deployed two weeks prior to this blogs creation to an “undisclosed location.” Then one month before he got back, Uncle Sam decided to move me to the other side of the world for an “undisclosed amount of time.”  It’s honestly a good thing we don’t have any two legged kids yet because we would have had to ship them off to one of their sets of grandparents.  So far we’ve been separated for six months which is by no means as long as some other couples have had it.  My mother and father in law were separated for two years while raising two teenage boys.  However, just because it’s not as bad as it could be doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Which is why I am SO grateful for where I am stationed right now.  I am not in an isolated location (unlike the hubby’s location) and I can have visitors.  Do you get it yet?  I have a visitor!


He’s been here for one week already and he’s still got one more weekend!  Forgive me if I’m not around for a few more days Red heart


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