10K Recap

Let’s call May 2011 the month of the 10ks since I just did my second one on Saturday the 15th.  In the hope of improving the cardiovascular health of my squadron, the commander decided to create a mandatory 10k fun run event.  I’m not sure it worked entirely since a lot of people walked it BUT I think it let a lot of people know that 6 miles isn’t an impossible distance.  I wish someone had forced me to do a 10K 5 years ago.  Then it wouldn’t have taken me so long to bust the 5 mile rut.

This race was again really tough for me.  I kinda screwed my morning up by not fueling up the way I usually do.  I broke routine (you never do that race day!!!) and made sweet potato fries for breakfast (what was I thinking???) instead of my toast with almond butter and honey.  When I left for the race I was thinking what a beautiful day it was.  It was super sunny, completely clear, and slightly warm with a cool breeze. Here we are before the run.


However, the race didn’t start until 11 AGAIN (you know, when the sun’s almost at it’s highest). I started the run out strong with 9 minute miles.  I knew if I stuck to 9 minutes I could finish in 54-56 minutes which was my goal since I finished last week’s 10K with 1:05.  Last week’s run was hilly and this one was flat so I thought this would be a piece of cake.  It wasn’t.  It was hot, I was hungry and I went from feeling like Chris


to feeling how Drake looked


and it only took about 3 miles to do that.  It seemed that others were having a great race though Smile


I quit sweating again right around the 3 mile mark and got the goosebumps and then my stomach started asking for food.  I couldn’t brave the gatorade at the water stops though I probably should have.  I just didn’t want to cramp up by drinking something I wasn’t used to.  Chris beat me in the end with :56 and Drake stayed with me because he was being nice (I think).  We finished in 59 minutes.  So I didn’t do as terribly as I felt and managed to shave 6 minutes off of last week.  Hot smile Just imagine what I could have done if I’d fueled up properly. I wonder if I could ever do 45 minutes.  Hrmmm . . .

Anywho, even though I felt awful I’ve decided that I really love 10Ks. It’s not an easy distance that you can just run on absolutely no training but it’s over quickly.  My roomie agrees too and I’m pretty sure she’s been bitten by the running bug.  She said she wants to take Deana’s place (only till I come home Deana) and start doing my long runs with me since they’re slow and easy.  She’ll jump in at the end of my runs for the mileage she wants.  For example, if I want 9 miles and she’s wants four, she’ll join me at mile 5.  That will come in handy once I start doing 10+ miles.  One last picture of Brian, Chris, Drake and I after the race.


I did end up with one power song that I repeated a couple of times.

Power Song:

E.T. – Katy Perry feat. Kanye West

Happy Running All!



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