Bed Intruder #2

Does anyone wear their pjs more than one night in a row?  I do.  Is that gross? Well anyway, when I came home from work this morning (I work the night shift remember?) I did what I normally do.  I pulled my pjs off of my bed so I could get ready for sleep but then a 3 inch long centipede complete with pincers fell out of the leg of my pjs!!!


I would have taken a picture of it so I can prove it but honestly if I look at it again I don’t think I’ll get ANY sleep today.  As it is, it’s currently 1045 AM and I was supposed to be asleep almost 3 hours ago.  Ugh. It is dead so the day isn’t all a bust. Let me just say that bed intruder 1 was much cuter than bed intruder 2.

What was the highlight of my day so far?

Pizza Omelot!

otherwise known as a delivery device for tomato sauce 😀

It was seasoned up with Adobo, Garlic and Smoked Paprika and filled with tomato sauce and mozarella.  Delicious. 

Eventually I’m going to fall asleep but the plan for the day is to buy bug spray when I get up and then off to work.  Sometime tonight I will do another 5k but this time I’ll try not to go so fast.  I have to rest up for my 10K the day after tomorrow.

I read something great today which happened to be the second highlight of my day and I think the most exciting.  If you didn’t know there is a backlog of physical evidence kits that are acquired during cases of sexual assault.  I’m not talking a small backlog either.  Several states have backlogs in the 10s of thousands.  However, it was announced on the Joyful Heart Foundation facebook page today that there is absolutely no backlog in Norfolk, Virginia.  Very exciting indeed.  If you don’t know much about the backlog, you can find information here.

One last thought for the day:

Each and every day only comes once.  Today is May 11, 2011 and when it is over there will never ever be another May 11, 2011.  What will you do with today?

I heard this today and it hit home.  Sure I’ve heard you only live once before but not in that way.  Wow, today really will only happen once?  ever???  Let’s not waste it.

Have a great day folks!


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