Popeye Was Right!

Ever heard of a green monster?  I hadn’t until I saw it here, here, and here.  Ladies I thought you were crazy but decided to give it a try in my quest for better nutrition outside the chow hall.  My hubby sent me my blender in the same box as my ABs and my first thought was, I need fruit.  NOW.  I got myself some frozen strawberries, bananas for freezing, and stocked up on yogurt and flax.  While passing through the veggies I spied a bag of spinach and figured that maybe I should up the nutritional ante and find out if I like those green monsters or not.

Sorry no measurements.  I threw in:

frozen strawberries
vanilla yogurt
a scaredy cat’s small handful of spinach
ground flax
light vanilla soymilk

I blended until smooth . . . well as smooth as I could get it.  There were still little bits of leaves floating around.  (I think that if this is a success then I should get a better blender right hubby? Maybe a vitamix??? 😀 )

Well there it is in all its muddy greenish and pinkish glory.  It looked HORRIBLE but it tasted just like a strawberry smoothie 🙂  Hooray!  If I keep my eyes closed, this smoothie is quite delicious.

Later I convinced one of my coworkers to go with me for a nice and easy 30 minute/3 mile run.  We ended up doing 3 miles in 24 minutes and 52 seconds.

Um did you read what I just wrote?

I’ll write it again.  24 MINUTES and 52 SECONDS

That’s only a whopping 1 minute and 38 seconds off of my best 5K time ever!!!  I hadn’t planned on my easy training run to turn into the 5K of my life.  I blame the smoothie . . .

10K race in 4 days!  😀

Power Song:
Little Freak -Usher feat. Nicki Minaj

Happy Running Folks!


3 thoughts on “Popeye Was Right!

  1. So glad you enjoyed the smoothie, and yes, tell your hubby that a Vita-Mix will blend up all those leafy bits. Once you go Vita, you never go back!

    Congrats on such a great run…just think how fast you would have gone if you’d used a big handful of spinach. 😉

    • haha, no more scaredy cat fistfuls for me. The hubby says he’ll get right on that vita purchase too 😀 woohoo!

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