10K in Hwaseong


One 10K down and one more to go.  I spent the morning chatting with the hubby while getting ready for my run.

Speaking of the hubby, look what he sent me as an early birthday present 😀  I was so excited. I haven’t been able to find any almond butter at the on base grocery store and so he sent me all of these.  They’re a bit different than the Maranatha I’d been loving but I think that’s because these are raw and the maranatha is roasted before butterizing.  I’m pretty sure butterizing is a word 8)

I love you AB . . . oh and you too hubby!!!

I enjoyed some pre-run toast and coffee.  One slice had cinnamon almond butter and the other side had good ole plain almond butter with honey. 

After chatting and breakfast were finished I took off to meet my bus group by 7 AM.  This is me nervous, excited and running on about 3 hours of sleep.  Trust me it is not easy switching sleep schedules in one day.  I can’t complain much though.  My dad is an air traffic controller and he switches his sleep schedule every two days.  I think he would laugh after reading that sentence and say “what sleep schedule?” 

On my way to my first 10K!

Our race started at 11 AM and let me just say it was HOT and for once the sun was shining here.  This race was not an easy one and I was once again very unprepared for hills that made up the majority of the course.  When will I learn to start doing hill workouts??? Water stations were few and far between and with that heat I was very much wishing for them.  I started out well with an 8:32 pace for the first two and a half miles and then I watched my pace dwindle to 9:00 then 9:20 then 10:00 and then I just quit looking at my watch.  I stopped trying to power through the hills and started walking the hills and then letting them carry me down.  I think that’s how I made up for lost time and kept energy to run on the flats.  I really don’t remember having to do so much strategizing and self-encouragement during my half marathon last November.  Anywho, I finally finished in 1:05:32.  Phew! Not under an hour (my goal) but still a respectable time.

After we all finished, our Korean hosts made us a very delicious meal. 

There was kimchi which is a spicy sidedish of fermented vegetables; usually cabbage or cucumber.  Kimchi has actually been getting a lot of attention as a superfood since it is high in fiber, carotenes, and vitamins A, C, B1 and B2.  When it comes to kimchi, either you love it or you hate it and I’ll let you decide which one I felt.  There were also sauteed greens, and greens covered in small silver fish that I was told are like sardines.  My neighbor said it was good 🙂 . The cherry tomoatoes were sweet and warm but my favorite dish is on the plate barely peeking in on the right (oops!). It had a frittata cooked in sesame oil with octopus pieces, carrots and asparagus.  So good! 

We finished our meal up with some rice wine.  I met these two lovely ladies before the race.  Wendy ran the race in a bright orange tutu, completely barefeet and finished in 55 mins.  Caroline (behind me) finished in 1 hr.

All in all it was a hard race but great day with new friends and good food. 

Phew, that was a long one 🙂  Hope ya’ll didn’t fall asleep.  My next 10K is this Saturday and since it’s on base, it should be pretty flat.  I’m aiming to break the hour mark this time for sure.

Have a great day all and Happy Running!


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