Stairs, Flowers, and Temples

Instead of going on my scheduled run on Saturday, I decided to get my exercise in the form of a hike.  We went to Heongson, S. Korea to see the Sudoksa Temple on Yongbong Mountain.  We also went to the memorial of Admiral Sin in Asan, S. Korea.  The hike was such a great way to enjoy the springtime flowers here and to get my cardio in.  We climbed a literal Mt’s worth of stairs and my heart was pounding sooo hard when we reached the top. 

Here are some of my favorite pics from the day:

This hike definitely worked my legs out and left a few of us at the bottom of the mountain with twitching legs.  Those spasms in my legs reaffirmed that I need to start lifting and maybe making more use of all of those staircases around base.

After the hike worked up our appetites, our Korean sponsors held a barbeque for us.  No pictures because I was too hungry to remember to take them 🙂 

Pretty weather + Pretty Scenery = Fantastic Day

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday


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