OMBB, Vibrams, and Almonds

I got another great workout in.  Remember this? I’m starting strength work this week and decided to go back to the 100 Pushups Program since it worked so well last time.  I mean in 3 weeks I was able to go from barely 6 to 28.  Not bad in my book.  Anywho, I’m working those in 3x a week along with planks, lunges, jump squats and possibly some weights.  I just have to brave the weight room.  🙂

First I did a pushup test and found that I hadn’t lost as much fitness as I thought.  I managed to bust out 20 with no rests.  Woohoo!  That’s not a bad base to start off of.  I then did the following:

30 second plank x 2
30 second side plank x2
2 x 10-2 count supermans (alternating) 

If you don’t know what a superman is, it is when you lay on your stomach and lift both your legs and arms at the same time.  Has your back ever hurt after a run?  This exercise is great for building lower back strength which is needed for running.  I did it by alternating one lifted leg with the opposite arm, held the lift for 2 counts and switched.  I rested for 30 sec after doing 10 and then did it again.  During the last few I may or may not have cried out “Oh my burning BUTT!!!”  Which may or may not have startled my roommate into a fit of laughter.

After this mini strength routine I slipped on my vibrams.


Since I just started my running routine I only went half a mile in them.  It was SO fast though!  I could tell my feet are weak especially in the arches but wow was I flying.  It felt like it anyway.  I can tell that running this way does not in any way aggravate the sesamoiditis.  In fact the vibrams’ separation and slight lift to the toes makes my toes feel so much better.  A recap on the vibrams’ effect on my sesamoiditis is coming soon.  After the half mile run, I went and changed into my other shoes and took off for the other part of my run.  I managed 3.5 miles in 38 mins.  🙂 Can I get another woohoo??? 

WOOHOO!  I’m coming back slowly but surely.  I mean this was only my fourth run since quitting.

Power Songs:

If You Only Knew – Shinedown
Savior – Rise Against

One more WooHoo! moment.  A co-worker gave me some cooking pans to use until mine arrive in the mail.  Can you guess what the first thing I made was?  No, no; sweet potatoes were a good guess but I’m waiting for a knife to arrive too. 

Maple Cinnamon Almonds!!!


Hope you all have a Happy Easter!


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