Making the Chow Hall Work

The hardest thing about a night shift schedule is what to eat.  However, this is only because I have to eat in what’s called a “Dining Facility” or D-Fac or chow hall.  I prefer calling it the chow hall.  Anywho, the people there decide when and what I’m eating for the most part.  If I was someone who doesn’t know how or even like to cook then this would be noooo problem.  That’s not me though.

Ever since I got here, I’ve started feeling tired and run down all of the time.  The food tastes fine here but it is no where near the same nutritional value of the food I was making myself at home. When you work the over night shift you get pretty much two options.  Breakfast food or leftover dinner food.  Breakfast is always some form of eggs, bacon, sausage, corn beef hash, biscuits, gravy, and/or french toast.  The list goes on a bit more but you get the picture; typical diner food.  Dinner consists of some kind of pasta, stew, sometimes there’s steak, chicken and a salad bar.  We have other lines too, the sandwich line and the grill but these aren’t open on the late shift. 

SO, what’s a chica to do when she’s eating for nutrition and not just taste?  I’ve been sticking to real eggs.  Breakfast/dinner is usually two eggs over medium or two boiled eggs.  For the carbs I get either a slice of french toast or wheat toast.  Neither is true wheat though.  It’s not satiating like true whole grain bread.  I grab a piece of fruit which lately seems to either be watermelon or a banana.  After eating this meal twice a day for the last two weeks, I’m going crazy!  I feel so tired all of the time too and I know it’s because of my diet.  Last night they had chicken out and so I got to change it up a bit. 

In order to try to get some more nutrients than what I’m getting from my food, I broke down and got some supplements. 

I’ve been taking those guys for about a week now and I do feel a little better.  Not as exhausted all of the time.    I’m starting to do more grocery shopping.  My husband will be sending me some cooking items so I can cook a bit in my room.  I’ll still be getting food out of the chow hall but I think I’m going to just keep taking fruit, eggs and chicken.  I’ll probably make the rest of my food in my room.  Hopefully, I’ve got my day to day eats figured out long before I have to go home.

Time for work and it’s my Friday 😀 

Hope you all have a good day.


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