Workin It Twice A Day

My new schedule has my whole day completely flipped now.  This means that during the day I sleep and I go to work at night. This is a difficult schedule to keep for a morning person like me.  It seems the sunshine just calls to me and my 9-5 sleep schedule goes right out the window. 

On Thursday, I stayed up way too long getting pictures, enjoying sunshine, and looking for bits of spring.

I missed my pre-work gym time so I ran on the indoor track after work this time.  I was being a little competitive with some of the people on the track and ran two straight miles (no stopping this time) in 18:00.  No that’s not incredibly fast but it was way too fast for my current fitness level.  I cramped up and had to quit. 

Working out before going to sleep is a bad idea.  It made me incredibly awake and three hours later I was still up!  I called my boss up and found out he was on his way to the gym so back I went.  I haven’t done a two a day in I don’t know how long.  I couldn’t use the track this time so I did intervals on the treadmill. Would you believe they shut the track down for pt (physical training) testing from 0730 – 1330??? I think that’s crazy since my home station makes the testers run outside on the big track. 

 Anyway back to the intervals.  I normally don’t sustain a 6 mph pace on a treadmill for very long but I think that’s mostly because I used to not enjoy working THAT hard on a treadmill.  I broke a 30 minute run down into these intervals at a 5% incline

1 min – 3.3 mph (fast walk)
2 min – 4.5 mph (jog)
2 min – 6 mph (run)

Oh my goodness!  This was really tough for me but I felt SO GOOD and managed to do a constant rotation for the entire 30 minutes.  I followed the run up with a light lunch of soup and salad.

Power Songs:

Someone – Earshot
Undo It – Carrie Underwood
Rude Boy – Rihanna

I definitely slept like a baby when I got home 🙂


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