Rusty Legs

Wasn’t this a running blog???

My unpredictable schedule ended yesterday. Exciting news for me because now I can set up a gym schedule. I thrive on a steady schedule, but I think most people do. Anyway, I happened to wake up crazy early today ( 5:30!). When I realized I wasn’t going to be able to get back to sleep I got a big smile and ran around my room quickly changing into running gear. I met my friend Seth for a light breakfast and headed to the gym to check it out. The gym is awesome here with a much bigger indoor track than my home base. I decided I want to run the first few times inside since I’ve got to knock about two months of rust out of my legs. Today’s run was fairly simple.

2 1/2 laps ran
1/2 lap speed walked
9 laps = 1 mile
Total: 22 laps = 2.44 miles

I didn’t wear any gadgets for speed tracking. I didn’t even wear a watch. I just wanted to move to my music today and I can’t tell you how much fun it was. Yeah that’s right. I think running is fun. (I know I’m sick 8) ) My knees were definitely creaking at me a little at first but after about 6 or so laps, I was warm and feeling good.  My sesamoiditis is still not feeling great but I’ll talk about that in a recap later.

Power Songs:

Honestly I felt so good they were all pretty much power songs.  These two stick out to me though

Uncharted – Sara Bareilles

Ignorance – Paramore

My commander announced some exciting news last week.  We are doing a squadron 10k.  I think I was the only one in my flight who said “WOOHOO!”  I’m not going to lie though, before my run today I was feeling a little nervous about it.  After my run went so well and how great I feel right now, I’m totally stoked!

Yay for new running goals! 

Have a great day folks 😀

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