I Think I’ll Go For a Walk

I’m not dead yet!  I swear I’m still here . . . 
Oh?  Bummer?  Too bad  8)

It’s been really crazy over here.  Let me tell you that moving around the world in the middle of taking two 8 week college courses is a BAD idea.  I was still able to finish them out well this past week with a 98% on my final paper for Mgmt and then a 95% on my Sports Law final.  Woohoo!  and now I’m freeeeeee . . . well almost.  I’ve been on 12 hr shifts the past two weeks with no weekend time off either.  Hopefully I’ll be on a regular schedule next week. 

(After nearly 6 years of active duty, I still hope for a normal schedule)

Even though I’ve been entirely too busy to work out much since I arrived here, I have been getting A LOT of walking in.  I clocked my daily walk to and from work one day and it came in at 3.78 miles.  This is not including the walks to the chow hall for every meal or this monstrosity I have to climb to my dorm and then my room is on the 3rd floor!

Those will be fun to run I’m sure 😀

See you all soon!


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