Home Sweet Home

well for right now anyway.  It’s always a surprise where you’re going to stay during a temporary duty (TDY) or deployment.  My last TDY I was in a different Korean location but I was in a hut!  That’s still not a tent but it was not luxury either let me tell you. 

I lived in one of those huts with NINE other females.  That was a lot of estrogen in one little area but honestly I thought it was kinda fun.  I mostly work with men and unless I go out of my way looking I don’t get a lot of girl time.  The four months in my hut more than made up for lost girl time though 🙂 

To get some privacy, we hung sheets up around our areas.  I think it had a nice colorful effect on the hut. 

Itty Bitty Living Space

How about that spray on insulation?  I made my cot a little more comfortable by putting a sleeping bag on top of it but trust me when I say, I missed my bed!!!  That TDY has made me so grateful for my current living accomodations.

They’ve got us all in dorm rooms this time.  Yay!  These pictures were taken after scrubbing the heck out of our room.  Oh yes, “our”.  This time I only live with one other female.  Which is great!  We get along wonderfully and work on opposite shifts so we’re not around eachother for sleeping anyway.

The best part? 

I did receive another cot but I got rid of it and bought an air mattress.  This is already so much better than my last TDY 🙂


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