Farewells, Goodbyes and See You Laters

One of the things I love about being in the military is the very large diverse group of people I’ve met over the years.  The networking is such a huge part of it.  Everytime I go to a new shop the first conversations with people usually start out with, “Do you know …?”  Unfortunately that also means you have to say some version of goodbye quite often.  I spent my last weekend in Tucson doing just this.  It was a good time though.  Pathetically the really tough one was saying See You Later to Mocha who of course didn’t know that was happening.  The worst part was when she tried to run out the door after me.  <sniff, sniff> Anyway, the first “going away” was at a co-workers house.  It basically consisted of a bunch of guitar playing and shenanigans. 

A very fun night indeed.  The next night I went out with my favorite ladies who all had something intense going on in their lives so it was more of a ladies night/going away/de-stress time.  We went to a coal brick oven pizza place and then we went next door for GELATO.  Lots of happy feelings in my belly and heart.  🙂

Emily, Deana, Me, Jessica, Amanda

I had a great weekend everyone.  Thank you! 

We still have a lot of catching up to do, don’t we?  I’ll be back . . .

Have a great Friday all!


One thought on “Farewells, Goodbyes and See You Laters

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