Productivity = A Latte

I think I’ve discovered the secret to productivity.   It’s all the Latte!  More on that later though…

Today started out cold (35 is cold in Tucson) but ended up BEAUTIFUL

Mocha and I walked about 2 1/2 miles through brush and cactus and then headed back home for our respective dinners. Green beans and chow for the dog (yeah, my dog eats her veggies) . . . bean burger and kale chips for the human

Oh. My. Goodness! Those kale chips rocked! 🙂  No really, they did.  They were seasoned with fresh grated parmesan, coarse salt, and my new favorite spice, Smoked Paprika.  Mmmmm, you really don’t know what you just missed. Anywho, I ended up back at the park to give Mocha walk number 2 and ended up staying a little too long to warrant driving to the coffee shop for my homework.  This meant working at home <ominous music plays>   This really ended up being a great plan though.

Two Christmases ago I bought myself an espresso machine ($30 on sale at Kohls!).  I was so ecstatic about the purchase and the two months after I bought it I used it almost everyday.  Then the novelty wore off and I remembered how much less effort pressing the coffeemaker’s “on” button is.  My little espresso machine soon turned into a decoration that made it look like I was a thrifty hipster that never goes to Starbucks (yeah right!).  Staying at home for homework meant I needed to set up an environment that would allow me to stay focused on my paper.  I rearranged the desk a little bit, set up my laptop and computer,  and put Mocha’s bed next to the desk so she’d sleep while I work.  Then I made me a latte

This one was made with Almond milk and was absolutely delicious.  It was made even better in my vintage Donald Duck cup of course 🙂

I finished my paper.  Hoorah! This was the perfect end to my day.

Actually stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for a three part post on increasing personal productivity.  I need to write a research paper on learning and figured why not?  I already started it anyway. 

Hope you all had a great day!


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