I’m still learning but self-discipline at home does not come easy to me.  I guess it’s a good thing I started taking online courses because I’m pretty much jumping in head first and forcing myself to REALLY learn time-management and mental discipline.  This is good for running too and actually correlates in several areas.  I’ve been reading up on Productivity because 1) I’m a nerd and research everything and 2) I actually want to become more productive and am looking for any guidance other than “Just do it!”  Although, “Just do it” is the right kick in the pants sometimes 🙂  Anywho, I came across some common themes and decided to share them.  Productivity it seems can be broken down into a few concepts that all tie together to make an uber-Productive you (yes that is the correct term).  The concepts are: learning, time management, personal organization, and stress/mental control.

I’m going to skip learning just because personally, I’m pretty decent at research.  The rest of those categories I already know I have trouble with.  When it comes to time management, I’m pretty much a procrastinator at heart.  Always have been but I hope not to always be.  Time management is just that, learning to budget your time wisely in order to accomplish your many goals.  Organization and stress/mental control are the very reasons I’m writing to you from inside a coffee shop.  My house is cluttered and I do not have the mental self-discipline to focus on my work and not get distracted by my house.  Well, my house and my walking, adorable, big distraction of a dog named Mocha or Mokers depending on my mood. 

Don’t be fooled by her innocent expression, she stole and is laying down on one of my favorite running tanks.

Anyway, oh yeah productivity, see what I mean!?!

I get distracted easily.  I need to try to catch myself when I get distracted and divert my attention back to my work.  Much easier said than done.  I read today that mental control can come from living in the “now”.  It’s called “Present Moment Awareness.” It’s suggested that I can get a mental grip on myself if I define my goals and values and then focus on what I can control right now.  This is definitely something I can work on.  I shouldn’t beat myself up too much today.  I did manage to clean the kitchen, do two loads of laundry and weed through a box of stuff in my guest bedroom.  I learned something else today.  Since the hubby left, Facebook has become the biggest time drain of my life.  Must lay off facebook!

I mentioned that some of these topics were important to running.  The biggest one would be mental toughness and self-discipline.  This is another reason I have to drive away from my house to get anything more than 4 miles done.  It’s too easy to convince myself and rationalize my way into cutting my run short.  Anywho, I’m going to try to find some more ways to work on mental self-discipline.  I really think that’s the biggest problem right now.  I hope you all had a much more productive day than I did.



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