Two Lessons

Actually, I already knew these two … I just kinda forgot about them.

Lesson 1:  Nap vs The Alarm Clock

The Nap will always win.  I am a TERRIBLE napper.  My hubby can lay down for 20 mins and feel refreshed but I can’t do that for my life.  If I fall asleep, I will want to stay asleep for at least an hour.  I know this about myself and yet I always lay down and say just 15 mins and I’ll get up.  <shakes head> I am readjusting to a day shift schedule as of this week, so I’ve been coming home very tired.  However, my plan for the day was to come home and just change and get out the door.  That turned into well I want to check my email and sit at the computer for a few minutes.  Which turned into I will go get changed at 4:15.  At 3:50 I was done with the computer but I decided to just chill out on the couch with Mocha and my Runners World until 4:15.  I woke up at 5:07.

Lesson 2:  Bean Burrito as a Pre-Run Meal

When making lunch decisions before a run.  Do not choose the bean burrito.  You will not feel good.  You will bloat and feel heavy.  What sounded like an awesome lunch at La Salsa was actually a very very bad idea.  It felt even worse after the accidental nap but I was bound and determined to get out that door.

I changed my plans into a long walk with Mocha and some strength training afterwards.  I ended up walking a little over 3 miles with her and when I got back I did a small circuit.  One set of each move was completed with no breaks.  There were no breaks between each circuit

3×10 pushups/3×15 squats/30 sec plank/3×15 plie squats

Something is always better than nothing in my book.

I’m still feeling heavy so just a strawberry smoothie for dinner tonight and then more homework!  Better luck with the run tomorrow.

Hope your workouts went well today.  Have a good night!



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