Two Stings and a Snakebite

Yesterday I started outprocessing the base which meant I was doomed to go see the always too cheery people in immunizations.  You know, the ones who get their jollies from sticking people with at least three needles per visit.  My smiley technician only stuck me with two needles yesterday but it feels like she may as well have taken a bat to my arm.  The rest of the day was not lost though.

Last night I met up with some friends at Old Chicago again.  I had my customary snakebite. (Thanks again Sean!)

Guinness and Pear Cider

We all tried a bunch of beers but my favorites were the Coconut Stout and the Bourbon Stout.  The coconut didn’t really taste like coconut to me.  It had more of a toasted, chocolatey taste but it was realllly good.  The bourbon had all the flavor of bourbon without any of the bite.

Chris still trying to convince me that IPAs are the way to go

Mike is a little more open minded than that . . .

Mike got a snake bite too! We drank them before the picture though 🙂

And then the night was topped off with a  new friend who’s a girl no less 🙂 The world is a small place.  Abi is from Fort Wayne, Indiana folks! Yay for finding pieces of home.  Family and friends from Fort Wayne, if you enjoy coffee houses Abi recommends heading over to the Firefly Coffee House.  It’s locally owned and ran by two Fort Wayne residents who had an italian master barista flown in to show them how things are done.  She actually HIGHLY recommends it. 

Hope you all had a fun filled Friday night!


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