Deana’s Pampered and Loved

Today was a REALLY chill day.  I did almost nothing and it was amazing.  Tomorrow will be a much different story however.  Deana’s mother and grandmother flew into town this week alllll the way from Massachusetts.  They hit some plane/weather trouble in Chicago and ended up having to stay the night but they made it safe and sound on Thursday.  This could only mean one thing for Deana who by the way is a SERIOUS baker.  Her grandmother has quite the sweet tooth too apparently.  Deana hosted a Pampered Chef party today, demonstrated by my friend April

 April showed us all kinds of goodies and made some for us too.  I can’t even get into how excited Deana was over their cookie press.  She was literally shaking with joy.  (Did I mention she’s a serious baker? You make them by the dozen, she makes them by the hundreds.)  Somehow during April’s show we determined that Deana is a MamaSaurusRex and to be feared above all.  Not sure how we did that Deana 😛  After April’s demo we chowed down on some Caesar Salad Pizza and Berry Wontons (no berries though b/c they’re not in season). 


Pizza Crust topped with garlicky italian dressing, romaine, red peppers, and chicken

Wontons filled with airy strawberry yogurt cream

Dana, Grandma Eunace, Deana "MamaSaurusRex"

Sara, Olivia, Devan (I'm sorry I've spelled your name wrong!)

Amanda's being silly 🙂

Early tomorrow morning I’m going hiking in Sabino Canyon with Mocha, Chris and Mike.  Should be really fun and pretty 🙂

Ok ok, one more grandma shot . . .

Grandmotherly love

Deana your Mom and Grandmother were really sweet and wonderful 🙂  I hope ya’ll have a great visit.  I hope the rest of you have a great weekend too!


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