Adapt and Overcome

This morning I did 4 miles.  That’s it.  4 measly little miles as opposed to the 10 I was supposed to do.  I thought my failed run yesterday was just the result of my needing an attitude adjustment.  I think it was a combination of needing a mental reboot and my body trying to talk to me.  I checked back through my running journal and found that December 12th I ran 2 miles.  This was the second time I’d run since my half marathon in November.  Two miles was all I could muster and it was a reality check of the next few months to come.  In a little less than five weeks I have increased my mileage from 2 miles to 10 miles.  Remember the goose eggs?  I’ve been doing the mileage increase while skipping my cross training and my body definitely let me know today.  While I could give you the rundown of every ache and ailment I have right now, I’m just going to tell you what I’m going to do about it.  I’m taking the week off from running.

I will be crosstraining monday through Thursday.  Starting today I am going to alternate biking with a swim day.  That’s going to end up being two bike nights and two swim nights followed by the shop 5k.  Every night I will also be icing my feet and ankles.  Hopefully, the four day running break results in a stronger 5k on Friday and a good 8 miler on Sunday.

This break is coming at a good time too.  I learned last friday that due to unforeseen circumstances ( I can’t get into them just yet) I most likely will not be doing the Crossroads of Indiana Marathon.  I let Joyful Heart know yesterday.  My contact there and I decided that I will be postponing the marathon until closer to the end of the year.  Hence the mental adjustment I needed on Sunday.  I will still be training and logging it all here but until I know which race I’m doing, I’m going to be sticking to a half marathon fitness regime.  I will also still be doing the half marathon here on base at the end of February.

On a lighter note, can anyone explain this to me?

Does she have to follow me everywhere while she eats???


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