Just Like Mickey Ds

Well, not really but it got rid of this crazy craving for it.  I can’t explain it because honestly I’m not a big fan of McDonald’s  BUT I have just been wanting chicken nuggets with honey mustard and french fries sooo bad.  I’ve actually been avoiding my normal Safeway for a week because McDonalds is next door.  Finally I said ENOUGH and made my own much healthier version 🙂 

Morning Star Chicken Nuggets w/ Honey Mustard and Kale Chips

Now I know it’s crazy but those Kale Chips were DELICIOUS.  I was skeptical at first but I needed another way to get my veggies and Kath says they’re awesome.  So I trusted her, went grocery shopping and got some Kale.  It was kinda funny because the cashier had no idea what it even was.  Then this lady behind me in line started educating us all about it.  I love random nice people.  Anyway, I seasoned it all up with parmesan and kosher salt.  Baked and added to my nuggets with a side of honey mustard.  It was so satisfying and good.  The best part?  No gross gristle in my nuggets and no greasy fries. 🙂  Now I’ve got whole wheat, oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies baking.  I’m hoping they’re good because at the last minute I decided to throw some dried cranberries in them.

The long run was pushed back to tomorrow morning.


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