The Word of the Day

You know what’s not cool?

All of those goose eggs!

Oh yes I had a plan.  I had even planned on staying 100% faithful to that plan.  You know what I did though?  I let life get in the way.  I even started to go back to that old rut where I convince myself that tomorrow will be different.  “Tomorrow,” I’ll tell myself, ” will be calmer and I will complete my workout.”  Guess what?  Life happens.  I can’t stop it and I need to remember that I have to be flexible.  So the word of the day?


-steadfast adherence to the same principles, course or form

Plans are meant to be flexible but that doesn’t mean I can take 10 days off in one month (my goose eggs + my rest days).  I will “adhere” to my workouts from here on out.

April 3, 2011


74 days and counting . . .


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