Mr. Bean

Did I mention I love to eat?  Who doesn’t?  Eating is a little harder when in marathon training though.  I’ve been trying to make sure that 85% of what I eat is good for me and helps me perform well during workouts.  I said that I was dabbling in vegetarianism in Who’s The Runner which is true.  I haven’t made the full switch because I love eggs and chicken too much and I still like to eat turkey burgers.  I recently learned that turkey burgers aren’t much healthier though due to being very processed and that I’m better off eating lean beef.  It’s very hard to find beef around here that I would feel good about eating so I’ve been steering clear of burgers all together.  😦  Then my friend April introduced me to an alternative

These are delicious and quick to make.  However, they’re a bit expensive in my opinion for what I’m getting.  Emily’s blog came to my rescue yet again though 🙂

Vegan Bean Burgers

I opted for black beans because they’re my favorite and I always have them on hand.  I looked for pepitas in my grocery store but a store attendant and I couldn’t find them.  So they’ve been left out until next time. 

Letting me know she's bored

Nothing Peanut Butter can't fix

Pre-baked so I can throw one on the Foreman to finish

I added spicy brown mustard, a slice of soy cheese, a side salad with cranberries and a movie.

All of the above were excellent although I’m guessing the pepitas were for added structure because mine came out a bit crumbly.  I’m still a happy girl who gets to keep her burgers 🙂  Hope you all had a great MLK day!

I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.” – Martin Luther King Jr.


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