77 Days to go

Started today off with the usual pre-run meal.  It wasn’t as filling as usual though because I ran out of english muffins.  I instead toasted some sandwich thins but they came out like cardboard.  Oh well, I’d rather be light than too heavy. 

I knocked out 10 miles total today and it felt fantastic.  I walked two miles in my new shoes with Mocha and then left to go to the base.  The actual running part was great mostly due to my friend Deana joining me for the last 4 miles.  She’s wanting to train for a half marathon but the long runs are a little hard for her right now.  Anyone’s who’s trained for a half or full knows that those first 4-6 miles suck but after you break them you’re gold 🙂  Training is much more fun with friends to help you through.

All ready to go

Today’s Run:

2 mi w/Mocha – 33:14 (she’s gotta do her business and stop to sniff a bit)

4 mi solo – 40:53

4.18 mi w/Deana – 51:19  Yay!  She made it!

Power Songs:

Happy? By Mudvayne

Back to December By Taylor Swift (Not your typical power song but my legs loved this song)

Decode By Paramore

Good Job Lady!

Afterwards we treated ourselves to some hard earned starbucks.  The surprise of the day goes to the Kettle Corn guy outside the Base Exchange.  He makes AWESOME kettle corn and I wanted to buy some but learned he only accepts cash or checks.  As I was about to sadly walk away he gave me a small bag for FREE!  He is officially my favorite kettle corn guy. 🙂

I got home and de-stinkified and now it’s time for cuddles and movie watching. 

We’re watching Salt this afternoon and then it’s time for grocery shopping.  Hope you all have a great day!


2 thoughts on “77 Days to go

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