Gelato? Yes Please!

It’s been another busy couple of days.  I’m sure next week will be calmer and definitely more routine oriented . . . I hope so anyway.  Anywho, yesterday was the shop’s Friday 5K.  It was windy but nice out.  I have no idea what my actual time was since I slowed down to stay with one of my co-workers.  However, my boss decided it would be a good idea to time ourselves every Friday and keep track to see if we get faster.  I concur!  I’m using it as a training tool and turning it into my tempo runs.  Or would that be distance/speedwork? Anywho, today was a great day.  I took Mocha out to the dog park

Doesn’t she seem thrilled to be going?

Afterwards, I got some new shoes!  My feet have been pretty sore and I learned that it’s because my shoes are actually too small.  They fit good before the run but after 6+ miles my feet swell too much and get cramped.  So enter my new ones

They’ve got a much bigger toe box and the length is just a tad longer than my other ones.  I was able to take them for a quick test drive on the store’s treadmill and let me just say that these shoes are SO much roomier and comfortable.  The best part was I had a $25 off coupon so they were REALLY inexpensive this time 🙂  Yay!

After shoe shopping as I was walking to the truck I got a whiff of something creamy, delicious, and cold . . .


Now I have to tell you something.  Ice cream is the bane of my existence.  To tell the truth it’s actually Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food or Cheesecake Brownie that undoes me completely.  In the years before I learned about portion control and nutrition it was not uncommon for me to demolish about 4-5 pints of ice cream a week.  If you look at a container of Ben and Jerry’s you’ll realize I was downing 16-20 servings of ice cream a week!  YIKES  I won’t even buy it now a days because it’s still difficult to spread a pint out over at least two sittings.  However, I will make an exception for gelato.

Particularly THIS gelato.  I got myself a scoop each of Roasted Almond and Caramel Seasalt at Frost’s Gelato Shop in Tucson.  Frost makes their gelato daily from real ingredients, so no over processed ice cream, just creamy delicious gelato goodness.  This is the best gelato I’ve had since I lived in Italy.  🙂 

Happy Customer

I am appropriately following up my gelato with a home viewing of Eat Pray Love.  I hope it’s good.

Tomorrow I’m scheduled for 8 miles.  I think I’ll use my new shoes for my warm up walk with Mocha, then switch when I drop her off.  Have a great Saturday night everyone!

No I did not receive any endorsements or donations from Frost.  It was just THAT good.


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