Early bird gets the … workout?

It’s official, I’m moving to the night shift now.  I didn’t like the idea at first BUT then I remembered that this is a great way to get my exercise in BEFORE work instead of after.  After work I’m a little less motivated because I’m tired and dinner needs to be made.  It’s honestly a really good thing Mocha is here otherwise my 4 mile daily walks otherwise wouldn’t exist. There are a lot of benefits to be had from morning workouts.  Here are a few:

1.  Your workout will be the first thing you check off of your to do list that day…PERIOD  No more distractions or being too mentally exhausted at the end of the day to put in a good workout.

2.  Statistically speaking, early birds are the most dedicated and consistent with their exercise routines.

3.  You will decrease your coffee addiction.  Mine currently is to drink all 4 cups in my coffee maker before I leave for work and then I will probably have another cup sometime around 8-9 AM.  I tend to hit a slump right before lunch when I’m really tired.  Exercise gets the blood moving and oxygen flowing and will wake your brain up better than any dose of caffeine would.  (well, better as in no jitters or crazy crash)

4.  Exercise produces endorphins which makes people happy.  You will become the eternal optimist and glass is half full person.  (is that my husband chuckling???)

5.  Exercise is a stress reliever and actually increases the threshold of stress a person can handle.  If you hate your job, consider working out before and after. 😛

6.  People who exercise earlier in the day tend to sleep better at night.  When a person works out in the afternoon/early evening it can make it harder to slip into deep sleep due to that coffee effect mentioned previously.

Anyway, I’m much happier I’m working nights now.  It’s going to make it so much easier to get an AM workout.  Especially since I was already getting up at 4 to feed/walk Mocha before work.

Here are some more fun facts of the day:

My actual addiction is to Hot Chocolate, not coffee.

I have been known to enjoy a cup or two even in the summer.

Hot chocolate is made 10x better when accompanied by a bowl of kettle corn which happens to be another addiction of mine.

My dog is a begger.

It’s ok though because she’s cute and she catches popcorn like a pro.  🙂

Good night everyone!


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