10 percent???

Hello everyone!  You’re probably thinking “Where the heck have you been!?!”  Well, I assure you that while I’ve been absent I have not been slacking …. much.  My adjustment to having Mocha here has been a little bit more challenging than I first anticipated (we’re doing good now though).  I’ve been getting up at 4 AM sharp to make sure she has plenty of time to eat and walk before I work and then she was getting another walk after I got home.  So needless to say I’ve been too sleepy to do much blogging.  However, I’ve been logging all of my exercise this past week and the grand total between Sundays long run and all of the dog walks was 28.5 miles! So while about 20 miles were walked, I’m saying they still count 🙂

Anywho, I did get my run in today with another warm up walking Mocha.  The morning started out with the customary fuel prep and breakfast.

English Muffin w/A.B. & honey, GU for todays run

I knew I was going to be moving for more than 90 mins today so I took a GU with me.  I’ve expiramented with a lot of different running fuels and it’s either GU or mini marshmallows.  Anything else just sits wrong and makes me cramp up.   After eating I got ready for my run and downloaded a few new songs to refresh the playlist.  I think someone was a bit anxious to go.

So I leashed her up and we left

Today was pretty warm and sunny out so Mocha only made it 1.1 mi (according to Garmin) before she needed to go back inside.  So I dropped her off and went out on my own.  The goal for today?   7 miles ran.  I felt pretty good after my 5 mile run last week so I thought I’d see how far I could go.  I wanted to go 7 miles or 90 mins, whichever came first.  The experts say that during marathon training when increasing mileage you should not go more than 10% farther than your last long run.  I kinda upped the ante and went 40% farther. 

I survived though and hit 7!  I actually was able to hold a 9:50 pace during 5 of those miles.  I need to get it down to 9 mins to run a 4 hr marathon BUT the 9:50 was still 1:30 faster than my half marathon pace so woohoo!  I’m going to feel this run tomorrow.  Well with the 1 mile warm up and .5 mile cooldown with Mocha, today’s total came to 8.5 miles.  Not bad 🙂  I think next week though, I’m going to do 7 miles again and then I’ll increase again the week after.

Todays Power Songs:

Undo It   By: Carrie Underwood

This Love   By: Gavin Rossdale & Apocalyptica

Hero   By: Skillet

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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