No Excuses

Yesterday I was so glad it was a rest day.  My body decided that New Years Eve was the perfect time to start feeling sick and so I spent most of Saturday napping on the couch with Mocha at my feet.  This morning I woke up feeling slightly better but still not great.  I got up and went through my pre-run routine of eating and dressing but after all that I looked at Mocha and said “I really don’t feel like this today.” She looked at me like this

Having a head cold is NO excuse to not take me out

She was right of course.  I know that I can run if I’m feeling sick as long as it’s all in the neck and above.  I won’t love it but that’s not the point when you’re training is it?  If it were always fun more people would do it I’m sure.  Anywho, so I conceded and leashed her up.  I left with the intention of using her as my warmup and then my attempt at 5 miles.  I blew my goal out of the water.  I walked her for 2.45 miles (according to the garmin).  While we were out on the trails she met a huge bull dog mix named Axel.  He was adorable.  His owner and I let them play a moment but the run was still calling so we said our goodbyes.  I dropped her off at my house and took off.  My pace was wimpy but I still clocked 5 miles.  I stopped back at the house and picked Mocha up again and we walked a half-mile cool down.  For anyone paying attention that’s 8 miles!


Well, the pace was a little shameful but I don’t mind since I was walking the dog and I started out not feeling so great.

I came home to a recovery drink and made a salad.  Mocha got the other half of the apple (who knew dogs liked fruit?).

Recovery drink and Baby greens w/craisins, walnuts, & green apple

Delicious! All in all I’d call today a success.  Anywho, it’s a beautiful day and I’m off to the store.

Have a nice day everyone!


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