Kickin’ My Bum

It’s nice to be home again.  I miss my family of course but there’s just something about that new home smell, especially when it’s your own.  The Indy weather followed me though.  Today it was in the 50s, cloudy, and rainy.  Ick.  Oh well I wanted to take care of this

but isn’t it so much easier to treat them like dressers???  I’ll most likely put it all away tomorrow…most likely. 🙂  I instead did a little shopping for Mocha.  She’s got brand new food bowls and a bed waiting for her aaaand it looks like she’ll be using them tomorrow.  Yay!  Afterwards I did some shopping for me since I’ve got to be able to use my own food bowls.

Well, for today’s workout I took it up a notch.  I feel like after all of the holiday indulgences I really needed to kick my butt and get a really good work out.  So enter…

I did the legs workout and oh my goodness.  I’m going to hurt tomorrow.  The legs workout incorporates the back too but it’s mostly variations of pull ups which I’m not too great at (I can barely do 1!).  I put a stool under my bar for a little assistance .

Setting the scene

The pull up station

There are 23 exercises in all so I’m not going to list them but if you’d like to look up the summary here’s the link:  Workout Review. Go to the Legs and Back section.

Since I’m not so great at the pull ups I followed the P90x up with another 100 push ups plan but I couldn’t finish the last set because my arms were shaking so bad.  I have a rule for pushups: If I have to drop to my knees I do twice the remaining set.  Needless to say my arms are dead and my legs are dead.

Ahhh 90 seconds of pulsed wall squats!!!

Consider my butt kicked!


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