An Icy Run and a New Running Partner

Well the Christmas vacation is over and I’m writing to you from above the city of Atlanta.  Did anyone else know that WIFI is offered on planes now???  I did my best with my training runs this week but honestly I’m just glad I got in some running with all of the holiday & traveling craziness.  I made an attempt at a 5 mile run on Monday.  I got all dressed up in my wintery finest and as I was putting my shoes on Rocco and Mocha would NOT leave me be.  Those dogs seem to think my running shoes are only for taking them on walks.  Well when confronted by two faces like these

The Beggers (Rocco and Mocha)

would you be able to turn them down?  I figured I’d use them as my warmup and then take off.

Sporting their wintery finest and ready to go

Well, monday it was 22 degrees and windy and I was not getting warmed up as I jogged these two dogs.  I was bundled up even more than last time and my  face was still frozen.  I don’t have a face coverup for running and that morning I was really wishing I had one.  I dropped the dogs off after a little over a mile and decided to try to tough it out.  I made it to 1.67 mi and my garmin died on me.  Now looking at a frozen face and no idea how far the next 3+ miles actually was I made a lame decision.  I called it quits and went inside.  BUT I ended up finishing my run up on the treadmill.  Not ideal but better than nothing.  The treadmill was my friend again this morning.  I knocked out a quick 20 mins on it and started the packing frenzy before leaving for the airport.  So needless to say I am looking forward to the Tucson sun and 70 degree runs.

Hopefully by Friday or Saturday my new running partner will be arriving in Tucson!

Mocha!!! =)

Stay tuned . . .


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