Another Day, Another Workout

Brrrr, it was 24 degrees again today.  Good thing I was scheduled for strength training.  Todays workout consisted of the treadmill

and a machine that uses your body to provide the weight.  The workout for the day:

5 min warm up run on incline level 7 (it’s an old treadmill so no %s)

Hundred Push Ups – Week 2, Day 2, Medium

2×15 squats

2×10 1 legged squats

Weight Machine:

2×10 Flys

2×10 Rows

2×10 Curls

2×10 dips

Just checking my form for 90 degrees

Finished up with a 20 min run and a 5 min cool down, I stayed at lvl 7 incline because I hate running on a flat treadmill


Paris & Mocha, My Supervisors

My whole workout was done under supervision and all safety precautions were followed. 🙂


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