What to Wear?

There is about 6 inches of snow outside and it’s 25 degrees.  What’s a runner to do?  Suck it up, get dressed and just go running I say =)

As I was getting ready it occurred to me that that part is a little difficult for some folks.  They might ask, get dressed?  But what would I wear?  Has anyone ever read the Newbie Chronicles in Runners World?  I look forward to that article every issue.  Marc Parent is the “newbie” writing about his journey of becoming a real runner and “non-newbie” you might say.  Well in one article he wrote about his first time running in the cold and how he wore socks over his hands to keep them warm.  I am going to assure you that while socks are better than nothing, you can wear gloves when you run.

Now just two days ago I was able to get away with wearing this

Just capris, fleece vest and a tank top

However, running outside during December is much different in Arizona than it is in Indiana.  This is what greeted me when I looked outside.

Layers are important when running in the cold.  I don’t mean wearing three tees and then following up with a hoody.  It’d keep you warm but do you think you’d be comfortable longer than half a mile? Personally, I don’t like a ton of bulk, especially on my arms.  The goal?  To keep my center, my ears and my hands warm, so that they’ll take care of my arms and legs.

The fleece vest again, light weight half zip, tech tee, gloves and head band

Not pictured: Tall socks and long black pants (I got Champion at Target).

All assembled and ready to go

I ran 3.5 miles and I was nice and warm the whole time.  I came home and was actually sweating.  Even though I didn’t really need a warm snack afterwards, I still made one.  🙂

Apple slices, Almond Butter, and Hot Chocolate

Hope this helps a little bit.  Have a great day!


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