Gone to the Dogs

I’m home now!  There’s snow everywhere too and it’s awesome.  I actually got to wear slippers and a sweater this morning and had hot chocolate by my parents Christmas tree. 

But you didn’t come to hear about how much I missed snow did you?  Well the workout for today was supposed to be weight training.  My parents do have some weights and a cable machine that mimics weights except using your own body weight buuut I didn’t use them.  Excuse #1 – They’re all in the back of the basement and I didn’t want to dig them out today.  Excuse #2  I wanted to work out with these guys!




My dad and I leashed up the dogs and took them on a walk.  Later I leashed up two of them again and took them to play in the snow.  Since only one of the leashes was a retractable leash, I had to run around with Mocha so she could keep up the chase game with Rocco.  Does this count as working out???

Sporting his Camo

We headed home after a good play and eagerly awaited dinner. 

Fish Dinner for the Humans

It’s snowing more outside right now and 6 more inches have been forecasted tonight.  Well that’s all for today but check back tomorrow for my first attempt at a run in the snow (while it’s snowing?).   We’ll see.

Good Night Folks!


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