Clubbin n Runnin

Sorry about the absence folks.  It’s been a crazy two days.  Last night was nothing but filled with fun.  I played DD for some friends and took them to Old Chicago again and then out to a club they hadn’t been to yet.  The whole night was filled with this

Brian, Mike, Me, Amanda, Chris, Travis <everyone's throwing up the Chris apparently>

and this

Ridiculousness and Laughs

and this

Discussing girl strategy I think

All in all it was a great night  🙂  I was back at around 2:30 AM and back up at 8 AM.  Today is supposed to be a rest day for tomorrow’s long run BUT I’ve been too busy the last two days to get a good workout in.  So I suited up for a quick warm up run followed by some strength training.  I figured if I just do SOME upper body work then it won’t affect my long run tomorrow.  Guess we’ll find out tomorrow morning.

I did a quick two laps around the rec area in my housing development (roughly 1 mi) then ran back home and hit the mat and my weights.

Bowflex Dumbells, adjustable from 5 lbs - 52.5 lbs each

I get a little bit of space in the garage to work out for now.  Soon the garage will be all set up conveniently as a work out/storage/workshop/car space.  Until then, this will do.  I ended up doing week 2 Day 1 of the Hundred Pushups Plan on medium.  I followed it up with 4×30 sec planks w/1 min rests and then just did some rows and bicep curls.  The curls were rough after all of the pushups but I got’er done. 

Well it’s time to get ready for girls night.  Have a good afternoon folks!


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