Patience = More Sleep

So I woke up late again today.  Which equals super quick breakfast

Apples and Coffee

Today was made up of working at the computer ALL DAY.  Hey wait I thought I was a maintainer?  Nope, not today I wasn’t.  I hate staring at the computer all day and have you ever noticed that staring at the computer makes you exhausted?  Between no sleep last night, big increase in working out, waking up late and computer work all day I came home BEAT.  Which is why I just spent the last 2 1/2 hrs of my life here.

Sorry Hubby!

Oh man, I hate wasting the day.  Well I jumped up when I woke up and saw that it was completely dark in the house.  I decided to just call the night and do as many pushups as I could, followed by as many pushups as I could on my knees.  Then I did lunges back and forth across my house.  Lunges and pushups are the perfect exercises to me.  Pushups = core, chest, arm strength and lunges make my legs hurt for days no matter how in shape I am.  The best part is that they require no equipment and can be done anywhere.  Although, I suggest the bus stop is not the best place to do it and not be stared at.  I once thought I’d make use of the time sitting at the bus stop to do some calf raises and in place lunges.  You wouldn’t believe the crazy stares I got not to mention the embarassment brought to my grandmother.  Ah well =)  Anywho, I made me a quick chicken/romaine salad and did a few chores.

simple romaine, cherry tomato, and chicken salad

Now I’m back in bed.  I’ve decided that I may get more sleep if I make the conscious decision that the blog does not have to be perfect within the first week.  My inner perfectionist is gritting her teeth right now.  I suppose I am allowed to learn all of the neat plug ins and such that I can add to my site as I go along.  Another big thing on the list of things to learn is taking better pictures!  I think a new camera would help though, since I’m using a camera that my hubby left in his truck on a 110 degree day.  The screen just doesn’t quite work the way it used to.  =D  Any suggestions?  Well with all of this extra sleep I got today, I’m thinking I’ll attempt today’s weight circuit tomorrow morning. 

Good night folks!


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