Sweet Potatoes and Weights

Yikes I was up so late last night working on the blog that I couldn’t get up in time for my 4 AM workout.

Oh nos!!!

So I had to wait until I got home to get to my workout for the day.  I had a weight training plan in mind.  I’m still trying to find a weight routine that I can stick to but is still challenging.  I’m getting closer but today I still wasn’t shaking at the end.  Need to push it harder on Wednesday.  Anywho, today consisted of the following.

10 mins – warm up exercises

2 x12 dumbbell squats w/20 lbs  followed by 2×12 push ups

2 mins w/jumprope

2×12 Hip raises with feet on swiss ball followed by 2×12 cable rows

50 jumping jacks

2×12 Reverse crunches followed by 2×12 bicep curls w/10 lbs each

2 mins jump rope

push ups/planks/hip exercises

Time for Dinner!!!  Today I was having a craving for one of the best meals EVER.  Breakfast for Dinner =)  Anyone else love breakfast for dinner?  My hubby hates it but oh well, that’s what I had.  While I got showered up I had sweet potatoes roasting away in the oven.  I truly have a love affair with sweet potatoes.  Why?  Because now I don’t have to eat my carrots. <Big Grin>  I hate carrots, always have and always will.  I don’t eat my potatoes sweet though, I like them savory and roasted in bite size pieces.

I cut up my potatoes and then seasoned with these (Olive Oil, Adobo, paprika, cayenne)

Then roast at 400 until browned and a little wrinkly (about 30-40 mins, stir half way through)

I also fried up some eggs and tomatoes w/balsamic vinegar.  Yum!

All washed down with water in my Colts glass. Go Colts!

Goodnight everyone!


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